Welcome to the High Country Beauty Mark


We are a collaborative group of individuals from the High Country community and Appalachian State University with a goal to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve lifestyles that reflect increased self esteem and positive self care. We do this through the development of initiatives, programs and events that promote confidence and self acceptance.
2012 is the fourth year of programming associated with the month of October. Please visit our annual event calendar to see the many opportunities in the High Country during the month. October has officially been proclaimed October: A Month to Celebrate You, by the Mayor of Boone, Loretta Clawson.


"A Month to Celebrate You" Proclamation

WHEREAS, self-acceptance at the individual level is an important aspect of a healthy community;

WHEREAS, body image is a community concern and raising awareness and involvement depends on educating our community members;

WHEREAS, prevention programs offer positive alternatives for young people and encourage youth to develop sound images of self;

WHEREAS, body image is an important aspect of physical fitness and physical fitness is an important aspect of a healthy community;

WHEREAS, self-acceptance is acquired through positive self-esteem and body image, healthy behaviors and sound emotional health;

WHEREAS, poor opinion of one’s body can cause low self esteem and low self confidence;

WHEREAS, adults’ self-perception and behavior influences children’s self-perception and behavior;

WHEREAS, all citizens should become more aware of community agencies that offer ongoing programs to promote health;

NOW, THEREFORE the Mayor of the town of Boone, NC, does hereby proclaim October as A Month to Celebrate You and calls upon all citizens, community agencies, religious organizations, medical facilities, and businesses to embrace activities aimed at promoting positive body image, self-acceptance and healthy lifestyles.

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